Flüssigkeiten Amplifier Lovely Lime 15ml
  • Flüssigkeiten Amplifier Lovely Lime 15ml

Amplifier Lovely Lime 15ml

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Primer für Wimpernverlängerung 15 ml.

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Glue amplifier – product for preparation that needs to be applied on lashes after use pretreatment and primer. This comprehensive extension procedure preparation ensures better connection and makes lashes stay longer.

The innovative formula of the amplifier accelerates the glue polymerization.

Its properties are the same even in a low humidity condition.

Amplifier makes the extension procedure more comfortable because it eliminates the feeling of dryness, redness, and eyes tearfulness.

How to use: Apply to the eyelashes, after using pre-treatment and primer, as the third step.

Additionally, it is recommended to put on the base of the eyelashes on the tape before the beginning of the procedure.

The product should be stored unopened in a cold place.

Expiring date: fabric packed product: 2 years. After first use: 6 months.

-      With Lime aroma

-      Use after pretreatment and primer

-      Extends the time of wearing the lashes

-      Resistant to low humidity condition

-      Volume:15ml

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