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Wimpern Wimpern Lovely Royal MIX 8-14mm
  • Wimpern Wimpern Lovely Royal MIX 8-14mm

Wimpern Lovely Royal MIX 8-14mm

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Black eyelashes Lovely "Royal Lashes" series are notable for their exclusive high quality: they are made of resistant high-quality fiber, very glossy and perfectly pigmented.

The coal black color is perfect for girls who have dark natural eyelashes. The eyelashes from the "Royal" series are elastic and ultra-light; they do not deform during the wearing and perfectly keep their shape.

The “Royal lashes” are presented in a 16 lines palette only. The total number of lashes in a palette varies from 3 400 to 10 500 eyelashes, depending on their thickness. The range of the Royal Lashes series, 16 lines will please you with a wide choice of lengths and will allow you to create absolutely any kind of extension.

-      16 lines palette

-      Made of resistant high-quality fiber

-      Glossy and perfectly pigmented

-      Color: Coal Black

-      Elastic and ultra-light

-      By purchasing "Royal Lashes" series you can be sure of the premium quality. Each palette of eyelashes is thoroughly tested by Lovely quality department.

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