Клей Клей Lovely Marvel 5ml
  • Клей Клей Lovely Marvel 5ml

Клей Lovely Marvel 5ml

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Kleber für Wimpernverl0ängerung 5ml 

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For experienced Lash technicians

This is black adhesive with superpower and minimum evaporation in one bottle.

The color of the adhesive can range from saturated black to gray.

The adhesive force of the glue does not depend on its color.

According to its performances it perfectly suits to experienced lash artists.

It has 1 sec coupling speed.

Minimum fumes and evaporation are one of the main characteristics of this glue.

It will keep your lashes glued up to 8 weeks.

Duration of the adhesive is 6 months from the moment of production.

Expiration date after opening is 2 months.

-       Black adhesive

-       For experienced Stylists

-       Coupling speed: 1 second

-       Works best at 18 - 24°C

-       Humidity: between 40 - 70%

-       Effect: 8 weeks

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