4 Secrets of the Perfect Hypervolume

Published : 04/22/2024 - Categories : yaLASHes Blog

4 secrets of ideal hypervolume

What do you think is the secret to achieving such even fullness and blackness as well as the perfect lash line?

10-20D fans?

10-20D fan?

*Photo from the Internet

There is a common misconception that the denser the volume, the denser the result will appear. Lash stylists in Europe often aim to create 10-20D hypervolume because they believe it is the correct path to perfection. They invest a lot of time and money in training, Easyfan Lashes, etc., but remain dissatisfied with the final results and lose confidence in their professionalism. In practice, the finished lashes tend to look like this*.

Not to mention that large fans can damage the natural lashes of the client.

Hyper volume 10-20D

*Photo from the Internet

The secret is that it doesn't necessarily have to be large fans.

For example, these works were created using 4-5D fans!

4-5D Fan

4-5D Fan

They appear denser and blacker than the lashes shown above.

The secret to such work lies in four key points:

1. Narrow fans: Using narrow fans helps to avoid many crosses, contributing to maximum density and blackness.

The wider the fan, the more gaps and crosses.

2. Even fans: The same distance between the lashes in the fan also helps achieve maximum density, even blackness, and identical appearance in every section of the eye.

3. Perfect glue direction: All fans should be glued at the same angle to the eyelid. Only in this case will you achieve clean work, without individual fans sticking out in different directions.

4. Proper row work: a mandatory vertical length mix.

The alignment and row work should ideally be trained in a live class. However, the fans cannot be fully practiced in a short time span of a live class.

Fast, narrow, and even fans can be achieved not only by understanding the fan technique but also through daily training over a longer period of time.

This requires time, as each fan technique involves several steps:

  • counting and picking the right number of lashes,
  • forming the fan (which can also be divided into two or three steps depending on the technique),
  • carefully picking up/removing the fan,
  • dipping the fan in the glue,
  • applying the fan.

In each of these phases, there is a risk of ruining the fan. Therefore, it is important to carefully work out each step.

Our goal is to help you make perfect fans efficiently and quickly, but without stress and self-criticism.

Join our Lashmaker Upgrade for fans and volume technique, where you can practice several fan techniques step by step under our guidance and feedback over two months.

Our Lashmaker Upgrade has been tested over time by more than 500 students from various European countries.

It can be completed in 3 languages: German, Russian, and English.

Online Fan and Volume Training Course „Lashmaker Upgrade“.

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Perfect fans that are made quickly are the secret to success. When the work is done quickly and precisely, the customers are satisfied. And satisfied customers attract new customers, which in turn increases your income.

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