In our online shop you caught a large selection of eyelash adhesives from yaLASHes, Beautier and Lovely.

We do not specify seconds in the description, as every glue hardens with the help of humidity. Therefore, the higher the humidity, the faster the adhesive hardens, and vice versa.

Unfortunately, we do not know what your premises are like, which is why we cannot give any precise details.

Therefore, please use the words "fast", "medium-fast" and "slow" as a guide. This information applies to optimal conditions in the room - 45-55% humidity and 19-21 degrees Celsius.

So choose the quick glue if you work quickly and have optimal conditions in the room. If you work at normal speed and in higher humidity than optimal, or in a warmer environment than optimal, choose the medium-fast one. If you have extraordinarily unusual conditions in the room, if it is summer or if you are a beginner, then go for the slow one.

How each of the adhesives we sell works (under which conditions) please refer to the tables that you can find in the pictures for each adhesive.

And remember! The longer the glue is stored (closed or open), the more viscous and faster it will be!

Therefore, each eyelash adhesive should be stored for a maximum of 4-6 months when closed, depending on the storage of the adhesive, and after opening a maximum of 2 months, depending on the storage and how often the bottle is opened.

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