How does an adhesive fume neutralizer work?

Published : 01/17/2023 - Categories : yaLASHes Blog

How does an adhesive fume neutralizer work?

Allergische Reaktion auf Cyanacrylatdämpfe

As we already know, cyanoacrylate is the main ingredient (about 90% of the total composition) of most eyelash extension glues. The cyanoacrylate has a distinct odor. Its vapors irritate the mucous membranes of the nose, eyes, mouth and larynx. Allergy to cyanoacrylate is similar to the symptoms of a cold: difficulty breathing, nasal congestion, increased sensitivity to the smell of glue and even a rash, cough - therefore an allergy to glue can be confused with a protracted cold.

With regular work with cyanoacrylate glue, allergic symptoms can appear at any time and this moment is completely impossible to predict, because we are talking about the so-called cumulative effect.

To minimize the likelihood of cumulative allergy, the best option would be to take preventive measures.

A fume neutralizer gel neutralizes volatile cyanoacrylate monomers by binding these monomers to the gel and converting them into inert particles that are harmless.

During the absorption process, the adhesive vapor molecules are absorbed by the gel.

Unfortunately, the glue vapor neutralizer gel cannot eliminate or heal existing allergies! It can only reduce the concentration of allergen vapors in the work area, thereby weakening the effect of the allergen on the body.

The chemical composition of the antiallergic gel is simple but ingenious!

Gelatin - Gelling agent, creates a strong gel-like structure, is a stabilizer, prevents delamination of the composition and retains water.

Polysorbate 80 is a nonionic (which means it has a neutral charge) synthetic surfactant, emulsifier and solubilizer (in our case it allows the eucalyptus extract to dissolve in water), stabilizer.

An interesting fact: in the food industry, polysorbate 80 is registered as a food additive E 433. Polysorbate 80 can be found, for example, in muffins and yoghurts, in ice cream, margarine and butter, cream and shortening, chewing gum etc.

Eucalyptus extract - an essential oil obtained from the leaves of globular or blue eucalyptus. It is a perfume and gives the product a pleasant aroma. It also reduces allergy symptoms.

Water (the main component of the composition of the gel) - is a solvent for other components in the product.

How does a neutralizer gel work?

When heat is applied, the gelatine is enriched with water and during the cooling process the threads of the gelatine (proteins) form a three-dimensional network that keeps the water in the form of a gel.

If you place a neutralizer gel next to the glue drop while you work, the volatile adhesive monomers will not spread around the work area. Most of them are attracted and absorbed by the gel (thanks to high water concentration). This means that the concentration of glue vapors in the air is reduced, thereby reducing the impact on the body of the lash stylist and the client, and the characteristic "white layer" on the surfaces of plastic work items no longer appears.

Thanks to which chemical processes does the anti-allergy gel work?

Cyanoacrylate monomers that get on the surface of the gel react with water molecules. The water molecule acts as an initiator of anionic polymerization of the monomer. That is, a hydroxyl group (OH-) is added to the cyanoacrylate monomer, forming a negatively charged radical that then binds other cyanoacrylate monomers to itself. It results in growth of adhesive polymerization chains in the structure of the neutralizing gel. The figure below describes the chemical process of monomer activation with water and subsequent growth of the polymerization chain.
Adhesive activation with water

Water is contained in the gel structure in a large amount. It activates a sufficient number of monomers (radical anions, polymerization centers), which leads to active capture of monomers by the gel. Thanks to polysorbate 80, broken polymerization chains migrate deep into the gel and do not remain on the surface.

 How is the gel applied?

How is the gel applied?

It is enough to place the gel at the workplace next to the working drop (glue) and open the lid. In order for it to actually help, you have to use the gel with every eyelash extension.

Important! Do not apply to skin and eyes!

When does the gel stop working?

The duration of application of the gel depends on the frequency of its application.

The neutralizer will no longer work effectively if it is visible that the gel has dried up and has come off the walls of the can.

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