How to check the quality of a new eyelash extension glue?

Published : 04/09/2024 - Categories : yaLASHes Blog

How to check the quality of a new eyelash extension glue?

It is important that a lash stylist is not afraid to try out new products in search of better materials for her customers, because the result of eyelash extensions and the length of time the eyelashes are worn depend largely on the choice of adhesive and the correct use of it. away.

How to test a new glue, compare it with the previous one, assess its quality and determine whether you can handle it?

We frequently test new glues for our shop and have found two reliable ways to check the quality of the glue while avoiding unpleasant situations with customers if the glue turns out to be less than ideal. Today we will tell you about them so that you can apply these methods in your work.

Method 1:

We lengthen a small area, for example always on the outside of the right eye, for several customers with the new glue and we lengthen the rest with our usual glue, which we are confident in and make a note of it in the customer card.

If the glue didn't hold well, our customers would call and say that their lashes on the outside right had become much smaller. We can fill this small area within 20 minutes and make the customer happy again.

If our customers don't respond, we assume everything is fine. At the next appointment, we will compare the remaining eyelashes on the outside right with all other areas and can see exactly whether the eyelashes have fallen out evenly throughout, or whether there are differences between the areas with the old and new glue.

Method 2:

How can you be sure that the problem is really the glue and not you or your speed?

You can carry out selective adhesion checks during or after eyelash extensions. Please note that it should be done at least 10 minutes after placing the lash/fan.

You can check the adhesion by holding the natural eyelash with the separating tweezers and inserting the working tweezers between the artificial eyelash/fan and the natural eyelash and applying a little pressure to the adhesive area!

If the eyelash/fan does not fall off, it means that you have met the speed of the glue, the adhesion is good for the time being and the result (as far as method 1 is concerned) is not distorted.

You can find out even more useful information about glue, how to get used to any glue, work without sticking, without folded compartments and with perfect adhesion for 6-8 weeks in our video course “Use the glue to the last drop!”.

Online Kurs Video course "Use the glue to the last drop! 4.0"

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