InLei® LASH FILLER 25.9: New work protocol

InLei® LASH FILLER 25.9: New work protocol

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InLei® LASH FILLER 25.9: New protocol for the eyelash lamination procedure

1. Analysis of the customer’s eyes and natural eyelashes

Choose the most suitable silicone pads based on the anatomical shape of the eyes, the length and the growth direction of the client's eyelashes to achieve the desired effect. Carefully check the area around the eyes: the eyes should be clean, healthy, without makeup and without signs of eye or eyelid irritation. The eyelashes should also be present and healthy!

If you do not know how to choose the right shape and size of the silicone pads, it is recommended to take an InLei® Lash Lifting Filler training.

In Lei® TOTAL Silicone Pads

2. Cleaning the eye area and eyelashes

Clean the eyelashes and the entire eye area with InLei® Mousse Oil Free (e.g. InLei® Mousse Aloe Vera).

Fill the InLei® Barolo container with water and pour the mousse into the InLei® Solo bowl. Moisten the FERNANDO InLei® brush and pick up a small amount of the product. Apply the mousse to the client's eyes/eyelashes and spread it evenly in circular movements until the eyelashes are completely clean. Turn the client's head to the side and gently rinse the cleaned area with water, then dry gently. Repeat the process on the other eye.

In Lei® cleansing foam ALOE

3. Preparing the eyelashes for eyelash lamination

Isolate the lower eyelashes with the reusable InLei® Black Pads made of silicone.

Use the spherical side of the InLei® Fillering Tool to check that no eyelashes from the upper eyelid have gotten under the pad.


4. Degreasing of eyelashes with InLei® Saline Pretreatment

Add a few drops of the InLei® Saline Pretreatment saline solution to the InLei® Solo bowl, moisten an InLei® Minions micro brush and distribute the product evenly over all lashes. If the client has thick lashes, use two micro brushes to thoroughly clean all lashes.


5. Placing and fixing the silicone pads on the customer’s upper eyelids

Apply the water-soluble adhesive InLei® Fixing Gel to the inside of the previously selected silicone pads and place them on the upper eyelid of both eyes.

In Lei® Fixing Gel

Use the InLei® Fillering needle to check whether the distance from the base of the eyelashes to the silicone pad is exactly one millimeter. If necessary, correct the position of the pad and the distance to the eyelid with a moist InLei® Minions micro brush by rolling the micro brush from above under the pad.


6. Pulling up and sticking the eyelashes onto the silicone pads

Pull the eyelashes up onto the silicone pads section by section using InLei® Fixing Gel and InLei® Fillering Tool to position the eyelashes correctly. For a professional result, use the InLei® Helper and/or Helper 2.0 to align the eyelashes parallel to each other. Use a damp InLei® Softies applicator to remove excess glue if necessary.


7. НApplying InLei® Lash Form 1 - the first lotion that breaks up the eyelash structure

Apply InLei® Lash Form 1 with a distance of 1.5/2mm from the base of the eyelashes using the InLei® Vincent or InLei® Leonardo brush. Spread the lotion evenly in a thin layer over the eyelashes without applying it to the tips. Depending on the structure and porosity of the eyelashes, the exposure time of the lotion is 6-14+ minutes (in rare cases a shorter or longer exposure time may be necessary).

Therefore, always check the readiness of the eyelashes.

If the eyelash is not ready after the predetermined exposure time, it is recommended to extend the exposure time by 1-2 minutes and repeat the check until the lotion has taken effect.

If you do not know how to check the readiness of the eyelashes, it is recommended to take an InLei® Lash Lifting Filler training course.

In Lei® FORM 1 25.9

8. Removing the InLei® Lash Form 1

Remove the InLei® Lash Form 1 with the InLei® Picasso brush.

It is perfect for this because the soft bristles do not shift the placement of the eyelashes on the pad. It is not recommended to use cotton swabs to remove the lotions because they can get the lotion on the tips and also shift the placement of the eyelashes on the silicone pad.

In Lei® PICASSO brush black

9. Applying InLei® Lash Fix 2 – the second lotion that fixes the eyelash structure in the new position

Apply InLei® Lash Fix 2 in the same way as the first lotion and leave it on for half the exposure time of the first lotion plus one minute.

In Lei® FIX 2 25.9

10. Removing the InLei® Lash Fix 2

Remove InLei® Lash Fix 2 in the same way as InLei® Lash Form 1 using the InLei® Picasso brush.

11.  Preparation and application of InLei® paint

Mix the selected color of InLei® Tint with the developer InLei® Developer Cream 1.5% in a ratio of 1:1 in the InLei® Trio bowl.

InLei tinten

Mix thoroughly with the InLei® Mr.Stick spatula until a creamy consistency is achieved. Do not wait for the color to develop. Apply the color immediately with the InLei® Vincent brush over the entire length of the eyelashes, from the root to the tip. Depending on the type of eyelashes, leave the color on for 6-12 minutes. The lower eyelashes can be colored in parallel or at the end of the lash lift.

In Lei® DEVELOPER CREAM Developer 1,5%

12. Removing the InLei® color

Remove the paint with dry cotton swabs or a brush.

13. Applying InLei® Lash Filler 3 – the third eyelash strengthening and nourishing lotion

Apply InLei® Lash Filler 3 with the InLei® Picasso brush, quickly distribute the product along the entire length of the eyelashes from the roots to the tips with tamping movements. This will remove any color residue. Allow the product to absorb completely on the eyelashes (without removing them from the pad) (1-2 minutes). For better and cleaner results, it is recommended to clean the roots of the eyelashes with the InLei® Softies brush moistened with InLei® Lash Filler 3.

In Lei® FILLER 3 25.9

14. Final cleaning with InLei® Mousse Magica – professional shampoo for eyelashes

Fill the InLei® Barolo container with water and pour a small amount of InLei® Mousse Magica into the InLei® Solo bowl. Wet the brush and use it to pick up a small amount of the mousse, thoroughly removing any traces of color and glue. Comb the eyelashes with the InLei® F-Brush to separate the eyelashes.

Note: To obtain the correct consistency of the foam, it is recommended to shake the spray can and hold it upside down during dispensing.

InLei® Mousse Magica

15. Application of InLei® Lash Molecular 4 – molecular reconstruction of eyelashes and eyebrows

Apply InLei® Lash Molecular 4 to an InLei® F-Brush and comb the eyelashes thoroughly until the lotion is completely absorbed. The molecular reconstruction does not need to be washed off; the customer leaves the salon with it on her eyelashes.

In Lei® LASH MOLECULAR 4 molecular reconstruction for eyelashes and eyebrows

Studies have shown that if the work protocol and all treatment steps are followed, the eyelashes become 25% thicker and 9% longer after just 3 treatments.

This effect can be enhanced by using the InLei® Adiutrix Serum at home as additional care (growth stimulation). With daily use of the InLei® Adiutrix Serum for three treatments over three months, we achieved: a thickening of 28%, a lengthening of 12%. These data were confirmed by effectiveness tests.

In Lei® ADIUTRIX Eyelash & Eyebrow Serum

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