Is it necessary to keep a customer file as a beauty professional?

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The Importance of Customer Management

Is it necessary to keep a customer file as a beauty professional?

How many regular customers do you have? How many clients have you had in total since you started working as a beauty professional? How many customers have not returned to you?

Not every stylist can answer these questions exactly.

In the beauty industry, it is typical that out of a hundred customers, only twenty become regular customers, while eighty do not return after the first treatment. This doesn't mean they stop lengthening their eyelashes, they just choose a different stylist. Advertising budget and time were spent on each “lost” customer. Without a customer file, the opportunity to interact with customers is lost due to a lack of data.

With well-organized work with the customer file, out of a hundred new customers, up to eighty can become regular customers, and only twenty customers may not return. This approach makes it possible to reduce the cost of attracting new customers, ensure more stable appointment scheduling, reduce pre-treatment preparation time, increase customer loyalty and tips.

In what form should the customer database be maintained?

The customer database can be maintained in both electronic and printed form. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, so choose the one that is most convenient and comfortable for you. The most important thing is the content of this database.

What data about customers should be collected?

Customer profile

Let's look at it using a customer file we developed:

  • Name, surname, telephone number: Minimum information to identify customers and contact them.
  • Date of birth: allows you to congratulate customers on their birthday and give them a discount voucher for a treatment.
  • Date of last visit: helps to predict the time of the next visit and offer an appointment for eyelash extensions in a timely manner.
  • Eyelashes used in eyelash extensions (curve, thickness, length, color), glue - this helps to prepare the materials before the appointment and shorten the time for treatment.
  • The selected effect: MR/OR (with/without row), V (volume), modeling – helps to accurately reproduce the effect desired by the customer during the next eyelash extension.
  • Specifics: It is important to note the general health of the eyelashes, tendency to allergies, interest in home care, preferences in care, etc. This makes it possible to monitor the health of eyelashes, increase customer loyalty and provide timely care products.
  • Declaration of consent and data protection are already included in the customer card, which simplifies the work even more.

Collecting this data creates a personalized approach for each customer, fostering long-term relationships. They also guarantee that every customer will receive the same eyelash extension effect and quality standard of service upon a return visit. This makes it possible to anticipate customer needs and meet them in a timely manner, increasing customer loyalty, encouraging their return and increasing tips.

Noting the materials used in the file also makes it possible to track which types of eyelashes (curve, thickness, length, color) are the most popular and to control their availability. You can ensure that even rarely used types of eyelashes that you order for specific customers are available.

Collecting information for the customer database

Inclusion in the file begins with the customer's first call. It is important to collect as much information about your potential client as possible in order to convert interest into a paid service and ensure the client's return. For more competent and effective communication, use specialized scripts.

Example of communication:

When a potential client calls and wants to make an appointment for eyelash extensions, your job is to find out if she has had eyelash extensions before. If not, you must describe the treatment process, explain the contraindications, the possibility of an allergic reaction, as well as all the rules regarding good adhesion and the necessary care. Also ask if she cares for her eyelashes and what products she uses.

Write everything down in the customer file. This forms the basis for effective communication with the customer at the agreed appointment.

During the appointment:

The collection of data continues during the customer's first visit. Before the treatment, clarify what effect the customer expects from the eyelash extensions.

Continue communication with the client during treatment. In a casual conversation, ask:

  • Which other services the customer prefers
  • How often she uses them
  • Your attitude to colored eyelashes
  • Whether she knows about eyelash hygiene
  • How to care for your natural eyelashes with eyelash extensions
  • Presence of discomfort or allergic reactions after eyelash extensions.

During eyelash extensions, clients often share personal stories, including stories about their pets, children, and hobbies. Also note these details in your personal card. When that customer returns, show your interest by asking about topics that are important to her. This will reinforce that you remember them and strengthen their loyalty to you.

All the information collected will strengthen relationships with customers as they feel cared for and individually attended to. If a client thinks about the need for a follow-up appointment and receives a reminder from you shortly afterwards, the likelihood of rejection is minimal. This builds trust that is strengthened with each new visit.


A successful beauty business is characterized by caring for the customer.

All of the above-mentioned simple steps for managing the customer database make it possible to fill the appointment calendar effectively. This is a more reliable and cost-effective solution compared to acquiring new customers and can significantly increase your sales.

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