Lamitta - unique products and tools for eyelash lamination

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Lamitta - unique products and tools for eyelash lamination

Lamitta is a young brand created by Liliya Utivlenova, a world-class lami specialist and judge of international championships from Kazakhstan.

Her passion for excellence and her desire to provide professionals with the best tools for their work have led to the development of products that are now popular with lash stylists around the world.  

Lamitta is the embodiment of the love of lash lamination! Lilia creates completely new products in the Lami world that make the work of lamimakers easier without sacrificing quality, offering clients more convenience and making them fall in love with lash lamination more and more! 

„If you love eyelash lamination as much as I do, then Lamitta will be your loyal friend on your journey.“ - Liliya Utivlenova

Liliya Utivlenova



Each of the Lamitta products is proof that the popularity of lash lifting and lash lamination treatments is growing and will continue to grow worldwide!

1. Glue Balm Brush Lamitta "Laminator"

Glue Balm Brush Lamitta "Laminator"

Lamitta Fixer - acts like a laminating glue, keeps the natural lashes on the silicone pad, but at the same time conditions them like a balm. This is one of the few glues on the market that moisturizes the lashes as the lashes are pulled up onto the pad. This glue balm contains nourishing ingredients that prevent the lashes from drying out.

2. Glue Balm Brush Lamitta "Laminator Slide"

Glue Balm Brush Lamitta "Laminator Slide"

Laminator Slide: Brush for lifting and gluing the lashes onto the silicone pad with Glue Balm.

The brush has a flat, straight cut that allows you to brush over the entire surface of the lashes, from root to tip, effectively optimizing the process of lifting and gluing the lashes. The tip is small but consists of thick, robust bristles. It is also perfect for reaching the small lashes in the inner corners of the eye.

The brush is designed so that the stylist can switch between horizontal and vertical working angles, which facilitates the use of different application techniques: flat to stretch the lashes onto the pas and the vertical angle for isolation.

3. Lamitta Brushes kit for lash lifting

Lamitta Brushes kit for lash lifting

The Lamitta eyelash lifting brush set contains the perfect combination of brushes that you need for the entire eyelash lamination process.

The set contains a suitable brush for each step of the treatment, which is perfectly suited to it and therefore enables more precise and faster work.

Lamitta Brushes kit for lash lifting

  • Laminator Slide: Brush for lifting the lashes onto the silicone pad with Glue Balm
  • Brush 1: For applying lotions 1 and 2
  • Brush 2: For applying lotions 1 and 2, for clearer enhancements & for tinting the lower lashes
  • Brush 3: For removing (taking off) the lotions
  • Brush 4: For tinting & applying the care lotion

The Lamitta Lash Lift Brush Set is a must-have for every Lamimaker!

4. Silicone pad Lamitta for Lashlifting and Browlifting

Silicone pad Lamitta for Lashlifting and Browlifting

The Lamitta silicone Lami palette for eyelash lifting and eyebrow lamination is an indispensable work surface to keep your workplace clean and tidy. This Lami pad is the perfect size, very stable and non-slip. It allows you to place multiple tools in close proximity without fear of anything falling off.

5. Patch-shields for lower lashes Lamitta Mariposa (one pair)

Patch-shields for lower lashes Lamitta Mariposa (one pair)

The Mariposa Silicone Lower Lash Lamination Pads are an absolutely stunning, butterfly-inspired design that offers a stunning fusion of functionality and beauty in one. This 2-in-1 innovation serves as both an eye pad and silicone pad for lamination, offering unparalleled versatility.

The patch shield is used to fix and color the lower lashes, creating a beautiful, natural curve. With its symmetrical and anatomical shape, it adapts seamlessly to all eye shapes, while the functional slits allow you to place it perfectly under the lower lash line.

6. Patches for insulation lower lashes Lamitta Mariposa

Patches for insulation lower lashes Lamitta Mariposa

These reusable silicone pads are used to isolate the lower eyelashes from the upper eyelashes during eyelash lifting and to tint the eyelashes (black pads). 

Thanks to their innovative shape, the eye pads fit perfectly on the lower eyelid and replicate its anatomy. They do not bulge, do not protrude sideways and do not cause any discomfort to the client or you during work.

More information on products, application methods and compositions can be found in the product description in the store.

Liliya Utvilenova

Liliya Utvilenova, founder of the Lamitta brand, is a true master of her trade with in-depth knowledge in the field of eyelash lamination. Her wealth of experience is reflected in more than 30 certificates from industry leaders.


Lilia is a sought-after trainer and speaker at training courses, online eyelash lamination marathons and an honorary judge at international eyelash lamination championships.

Each Lamitta product is created by Lilia with attention to detail and a desire to make lash lamination more effective and enjoyable.

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