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The second round of the TRAINER EXPERT starts on May 1st, 2022 and stylists from the eyelash, nail and PMU industry will be trained within 60 days to become trainers with their own training program including presentation, booklet and even the first training session!

It's true that many of our students recouped their investment in TRAINER EXPERT as soon as it ended!

This happens thanks to practice, which we at TRAINER EXPERT attach great importance to.

1️⃣Already in the first module we set the date of the first training and work on your positioning, your unique selling point and your advertising so that you win the first students.

2️⃣Then we work on your training and your training material and only then do we teach you how to be a trainer.

3️⃣We don't just go through the psychology of the students, the learning behavior, as well as learning types of adults, but train to deal with it in the zoom meetings!

4️⃣In the last module, we work on the last subtleties that make you unforgettable for your students, so that you are fit for the planned training date and master your first training with ease!

And the best thing is that by the end of this course you will have mastered the system so that you can use it at any time for another training course, regardless of the beauty direction.

The basis of the course is our own practical experience of more than 6 years in the beauty trainer profession, which is refined with the unique knowledge of invited speakers.

These include:

- Barbara Bogun - qualified psychologist for family psychology and somatic diseases with over 8 years of experience in practical psychology,

- Marina Laskova - Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences since 2006, teacher with over 38 years of experience, clinical psychologist and Gestalt therapist,

- Anna Schoch - former HR manager at Sberbank (Russia) with over 10 years of HR experience


Why is this course effective? – because it is a combination of theory and practice that you need for a successful coaching career and which will help you to give your own training immediately after completing the course. Not at some point, but firmly planned and scheduled.

Would you like to train, but are afraid and don't know where to start?

Here is a checklist you can use to check your willingness to coach

✔️You love your work and enjoy doing it

✔️Your appointment calendar is always full

✔️You have many happy customers and good ratings

✔️You also make difficult customers happy

✔️There have already been requests for training

✔️You have your own tricks and little secrets on how to work better/more efficiently

✔️You are ready to work independently on your ideal course program

✔️You are willing to share your knowledge with others (sometimes even for free).

✔️You are ready and want to grow and earn more

✔️You are willing to make fewer appointments or hand over customers to colleagues

✔️You are willing to help students (even after the training)

✔️You are stress resistant

If your checklist is full of ✔️ ticks, then I cordially invite you to our TRAINER EXPERT online course project, which starts on May 1st!

Turn your dream into a goal and achieve it in just 60 days!

THIS IS YOUR CHANCE to become a professional trainer with this pass! Link

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