What is the difference between In Lei® silicone pads?

Published : 05/19/2023 - Categories : yaLASHes Blog

What is the difference between In Lei® silicone pads?

The result of eyelash lamination depends not only on the choice of lotion, but also on the correctly chosen shape of the silicone pads.

Developed by the Italian experts, the InLei silicone pads have a universal shape, are hypoallergenic and easy to use. The soft material of the pads allows for a perfect fit and does not cause any discomfort to the client during the treatment. The anatomical shape ensures a natural curl of the eyelashes.

The InLei pads differ from other manufacturers in that they have a flatter inner angle. This configuration makes them universal and suitable for all types of eyelids. All silicone pads are designed for multiple use. After each eyelash lamination process, they must be cleaned and sterilized.

There are three types of InLei silicone pads:

TOTAL is a set consisting of two pad types ONLY1 and ONLY in all its sizes.


The “ONLY1” and “ONLY ” type silicone pads have a petal shape, so it is important to choose the right size pad. If you use a pad that is too small, a crease may appear at the tips of the lashes.

Size S and S1 are used for short eyelashes up to 5 mm,

M and M1 - 6 to 10 mm,

L and L1 - from 10 to 15 mm,

XL and XL1 – from 15 mm and more,


ONLY1 - flat silicone pads (in sizes S1, M1, L1, XL1)

create a natural look. They create the curl from the roots, which makes the eye appear more open, but is rather flatter.

It is recommended to use such pads only on eyelids with no apparent problems, as well as on lashes that have their own natural flat curl, are soft and supple).

What is their main difference?

ONLY  - round silicone pads (in sizes S, M, L, XL)

create a steep, rounder curl. Due to the round shape of the pad, the curl is steeper but starts closer to the middle of the lash.

The round pads are used for any type of complicated eyelids:

  • if the eyelashes are thick, shiny and hard like bristles

   • if the eyelashes grow steeply downwards

   • when the lashes are straight as a stick

   • for sunken eyes

   • for every kind of drooping eyelids

   • for wide rows of lashes

   • for Asian eyes

- FORMA – teardrop shaped silicone pads (one size fits all – smooth and matte)


Thanks to the teardrop curve (no petal!), these pads fit almost any eyelid and lash length. The curl is more balanced and looks a little different depending on the shape of your eyes.

Special notches help to keep the lashes in the right orientation when pulling up, thus facilitating the placement of the lashes on the pad. In addition, these pads are suitable for laminating the lower eyelashes.

All pads have a glossy surface that comes in contact with the skin, making them easier to attach to the eyelid, and in some cases even without glue.

The configuration of all InLei silicone pads is characterized by a smooth decrease in thickness of the pad towards the inside corner (i.e. the pads are flatter in the inside corner).

However, you are welcome to swap the left and right pad so that the flatter side is in the outer corner of the eye. For example, "falling" exterior angles can be raised more, while the interior angles remain flatter.

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