When should you use a bonding accelerator? The chemical composition

Published : 04/18/2023 - Categories : yaLASHes Blog

When should you use a bonding accelerator?

What is it needed for?

Adhesive accelerators are called e.g. Accelerator, Activator, Booster or similar. The purpose of the glue accelerator is to activate the glue for eyelash extensions and to accelerate its polymerization process. In addition, an adhesion accelerator also improves adhesion, which extends the wearing time of the eyelashes.

It is important to understand that the accelerator is not a substitute for the primer and degreaser!

It is a separate BUT NOT ALWAYS REQUIRED step in preparing the natural lashes for eyelash extensions, following degreasing and priming.

If the glue is chosen correctly and works normally, and you keep up with it, then you do not need to use an accelerator.

So, when and why should you use the glue accelerator in eyelash extensions?

  • The climatic conditions at the workplace deviate from the recommendations of the adhesive manufacturer.

For good work of glue in the workplace, it is necessary to maintain a certain range of relative humidity and temperature.

At low humidity and low air temperature, the polymerization speed of the glue decreases, which can lead to an increase in the treatment time, the appearance of sticking, a reduction in the wearing time of eyelashes, etc.

The accelerator compensates for the reduced climatic parameters, activates and accelerates the polymerization of the adhesive.

  • Glue just won't stick to the client's natural lashes (low pH of natural lashes)

The pH of natural eyelashes is between 4 and 6. As we already know, neutral pH or alkaline pH is required for the polymerization of the glue because the activation of the polymerization is triggered by hydroxide ions. If the customer's natural lashes have a low (acidic) pH, the polymerisation of the glue will not take place or will be too slow and of poor quality. This leads to a significant reduction in the wearing time.

In this case, the adhesion accelerator increases the pH in the adhesion zone of the natural and artificial eyelashes, and due to its components it also activates and accelerates the polymerization.

  • Volume technique

The accelerator is perfect for the volume technique. You can wet the roots of the artificial eyelashes on the band with it and the fan will no longer close. And/or you can apply it to the roots of your natural lashes and as soon as the fan touches the lash the glue sets instantly and prevents the fan from moving so the foot doesn't come apart.

  • The glue can't keep up with the speed of the stylist

The more experience, the faster the stylist works. If you work faster than the glue dries, we recommend using a booster.

What's in the composition?

Eyelash Glue Accelerator contains several substances that help retain moisture on the surface of natural eyelashes and normalize pH. All components are safe and do not cause allergic reactions in the customer.

Acrylate - binder and retains moisture. Forms a water-repellent covering around the eyelash shaft.

Water – the initiator of the polymerization of the glue. It is a solvent for all other components that make up the product.

Surfactant - act as an emulsifier and wetting agent.

Strawberry flavor - gives the treatment a pleasant aroma.

When using the adhesive accelerator, it is important not to get it in your eyes, because there is less chance of reddening of the eyes, occurrence of unwanted allergic reactions, inflammation of the mucous membranes, less tearing during treatment and an unpleasant feeling of dryness.

How to use the Glue Accelerator?

We remind you that it is recommended to apply the adhesive accelerator after the degreaser and primer.

Using a microbrush, pick up a small amount of the booster, dab the excess on a tissue and then apply to the root zone of the lashes.

Alternatively, you can also apply the adhesive accelerator directly to the base of the artificial eyelashes.

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