Why has the KATYA_VINOG brand conquered the Lami world?

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The KATYA_VINOG® brand has already made a name for itself on the international market of professional eyelash lamination products.

Katya Vinogradova, the founder of the brand, a recognized expert and trainer in the field of eyelash lamination, brought innovative approaches to this treatment. Her in-depth knowledge of natural eyelashes and chemical processes, as well as her ability to create the perfect eyelash curl, have made her name synonymous with quality in eyelash lamination.

Katya has developed exclusive products for lamination of the upper and lower eyelashes, which have quickly gained popularity among Lami professionals around the world. 

Katya Vinogradova

She said of the KATYA_VINOG silicone pads she developed: In the past, products were developed based on the knowledge available at the time, but today, thanks to the experience we have gained and new resources, we focus on creating what we really want - ideal shapes.

1. Vinog silicone pads for laminating the upper eyelashes

Vinog silicone pads for laminating the upper eyelashes

When developing these silicone pads, Katya Vinogradova wanted to create a shape that was as universal as possible, imitating the natural contours (curvatures) of the eye. This anatomical shape ensures that the pads fit perfectly on every eyelid, even without fixing the pads with the eyelash lifting glue.

The silicone pads have a hybrid flat-round shape that simultaneously lifts the eyelashes and gives them an expressive curve - lifting and curling in one pad.

Vinog silicone pads for laminating the upper eyelashes

They are made of soft, hypoallergenic silicone of the highest quality, which guarantees reliable fixation and comfortable treatment.

Available in different sizes and different degrees of hardness.

The size of the pad is selected according to the length of the natural eyelashes - the tips of the eyelashes at the end of the pad.

2. Vinog Sticky Silicone Pads for Eyelash Lifting of Lower Eyelashes – Reusable Silicone Pads and Eye Pads in One

Vinog Sticky Silicone Pads for Eyelash Lifting of Lower Eyelashes

A specially designed wide surface and a very sticky bottom side of the pad allow the silicone pads to be securely fixed on the skin, as the hydrogel pads do, without the need to stick them to the skin with the glue. They are available in three sizes - small, medium and large, so you can choose the best option for the lower eyelashes of any length. The bright colors of the pads will not leave your customers and subscribers indifferent. They are also suitable for customers with sensitive eyes, as they are made of high-quality silicone, which also ensures their elasticity and adaptability to any eye and face shape.

Vinog Sticky Silicone Pads for Eyelash Lifting of Lower Eyelashes

Thanks to their innovative design, these silicone pads significantly facilitate the process of laminating and tinting the lower eyelashes, making it faster and more efficient and ensuring a flawless curl of the lower eyelashes.

These eye pads open up new possibilities for laminators and allow simultaneous (double) eyelash lamination of the lower and upper eyelashes, which significantly reduces the working time of the treatment.

3. Vinog Cats – Silicone pads and eye pads in one for laminating the lower eyelashes

Vinog Cats

Katya Vinogradova never ceases to amaze us, creating innovative products in the lami world. This time she has presented an innovative product that combines practicality and attractive design. Vinog Cats silicone pads for lifting lower eyelashes are an excellent and cute helper in eyelash lamination, allowing you to laminate both upper and lower eyelashes at the same time and reducing the working time!

These pads have an extended contact zone and an adhesive layer, thanks to which they are securely fixed on the skin like hydrogel eye pads. They also function as eye pads and are suitable not only for laminating, but also simply for tinting the lower eyelashes.

Vinog Cats

Made from high-quality, ultra-soft, hypoallergenic silicone and featuring an adorable cat pattern, these pads are flexible enough to conform to any eye shape and ensure consistent results for every client.

Available in a variety of colors but in a uniform size, the silicone pads are ideal for medium to long lower lashes.

Vinog Cats pads are becoming an indispensable tool for any eyelash lamination specialist as they increase the level of service and save time thanks to the possibility of double lamination.

4. Vinog silicone pads for isolating the lower eyelashes

Vinog silicone pads for isolating the lower eyelashes

Vinog silicone pads for isolating the lower eyelashes

These ultra-thin, reusable lower lash eye pads are the perfect choice for professionals and novice lash artists:

  • Black pads - ideal for eyelash lamination and eyelash tinting as they provide ideal insulation and no color stains are visible on them. They are suitable for tinting both the lower and upper eyelashes.
  • White eye pads - specially developed for eyelash extensions, they guarantee reliable insulation of the lower eyelashes.

Choose the environment and economy - stop using disposable products!

With Katya Vinog's reusable, ultra-thin silicone eye pads, you can replace hundreds of disposable pads with one long-lasting, reusable product. Made from high-quality, hypoallergenic silicone, these eye pads offer a perfect, yet soft and gentle fit on the skin, ensuring client comfort during all types of eyelash treatments. The pads are suitable for clients with sensitive skin and known reactions to hydrogel pads.

Vinog pads are also suitable for every eye type (from deep-set to bulging eyes) and can be placed in different ways to perfectly fit the client's eye shape.

Vinog silicone pads for isolating the lower eyelashes

You can draw markings (schemes) on them with a liner. They are easy to wash off. Glue drops can be removed with any common glue remover.

5. Vinog Cover (compensators) set for eyelash lamination

Vinog Cover (compensators) set for eyelash lamination

Vinog Cover (compensators) set for eyelash lamination

Innovative bowl-like covers for the silicone pads from Vinog! These covers ensure that the eyelashes rest perfectly on the silicone pads and ensure that the eyelashes stay in place, do not slip down (and later sag), do not move or detach from the pad and remain in the desired shape during the lamination process.

Vinog Cover (compensators) set for eyelash lamination

The advantages of these covers include:

  • Preventing the evaporation of the lotions
  • Maximum absorption of the lotions
  • Stabilizing the chemical process
  • The fact that the lotions stay in place and do not run
  • Balancing the root tension (the covers help the eyelashes to stay on the silicone pads (even if they come off) and create an ideal curl without sagging eyelashes)
  • Helps identify the eyelashes that need to be re-applied
  • Reducing the risk of the lotions or color getting into the eyes when laminating the upper and lower eyelashes at the same time (double lamination)

Each kit contains three sets of covers designed for different phases of treatment.

Purple - used with Lotion 1 to prevent evaporation and stabilize the chemical reaction.

Transparent - used with Lotion 2 to hold the lashes in place, prevent evaporation and even out the lashes from sliding down at the roots. The transparent design also makes it very easy to spot lashes that need to be repositioned.

Black - used during the tinting process to evenly tint the lashes and prevent the color from getting on the waterline/into the eyes and causing a burning sensation, which we all know leads to a very unpleasant customer experience.

These covers are compatible with all silicone pads available on the market, so they can be used in combination with your favorite pads to achieve optimal lash lift results.

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