Adhesive BEAUTIER Classic X 5ml

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Glue for eyelash extensions Beautier CLASSIC X 5ml

- Retains its adhesive properties even in poorly ventilated rooms

- between medium viscosity and low viscosity

- fast

- very strong

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This glue is fast and is suitable for classic eyelash extensions as well as for the volume technique. The consistency is between medium viscosity and thin.

Differentiating feature: It retains its adhesive properties even in poorly ventilated rooms where there is little oxygen (therefore ideal for training courses or for smaller studios with many employees). Very strong glue.

Optimal conditions for the reliable work of every glue:

Relative humidity - 45-55%

Temperature - 19-22 ° C

The shelf life when closed is 6 months, after opening a maximum of 2 months, depending on storage and how often the bottle is opened.

Remember! The longer the glue is stored (closed or open), the more viscous and faster it will be!

For reliable adhesion, we recommend using Aroma Lash Primer (degreaser) and primer. They optimally prepare the natural eyelashes for eyelash extensions and extend the wearing time.

If you need to speed up the glue, we recommend the Adhesive Accelerator.

We also have a video course “USE THE GLUE TO THE LAST DROP! 4.0 “ about how to“ make friends ”with really every glue for eyelash extensions and no longer fear a change in working conditions.

Ingredients: Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, Hydroquinone, PMMA, Carbon black

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