Color wheel

The color wheel helps you to combine the colors correctly.

It is used to:

- correctly select the colored eyelashes in the eyelash extensions,

- Pigments / colors for tinting eyebrows, for microblading and PMU to mix properly,

- Correctly combine and mix the colors in the nail design.

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This color wheel is a double-sided rotating disc.

One side shows the result of the color mixing and the other side helps to combine colors and their tones harmoniously.

Therefore, it is an excellent helper, especially for beginners.

With this color wheel you can determine the mixing result of any color. Even if the shade is slightly different from the desired one, the desired result can be achieved by changing the proportions of the mixed colors.

The saturation scale - a gradation of gray tones from black to white, which is on the same page as the mixing instructions, helps you change the proportions. Using the gray squares shown on the scale, you can find a shade of gray that is as close as possible to the desired shade in terms of saturation. Then it becomes clear how much you have to darken or lighten the color / pigment.

The color schemes are on the back of the disc. They will help you choose color combinations based on the chosen scheme.

Possible color combinations:

- Monochrome (mono-chromatic)

- Analog (Analogous)

- Complementary and split complementary

- Classic triad (triad)

- tetrad (tetrad)

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